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Honeyville Food Services


At Honeyville Food Products, Inc., our aim is to maximize the opportunities with each of our valued customers. In our effort to make new product ideas a reality, we continually expand our state of the art facilities to cover just about any food mixing, blending, and packaging scenarios that our clients can dream up. Looking for the capabilities to blend and package your custom food formula for retail sale? No problem, we can handle it for you. We have three stainless steel industrial blenders that can handle all of your dry food blending needs. Pair our blenders with the latest sifters and rare earth magnets, not to mention fully automated bagging in just about any configuration and you get quality and efficiency in one convenient package. We have all of the latest net weight scales and volumetric filling to ensure that you get the most consistent product possible. looking to can your food product? We are highly experienced in the food canning process. Our production facility features a fully automated canning system with all of the quality control that you've come to expect from Honeyville Food Products.

Food safety is a top priority here at Honeyville. That's why our plants are inspected by the USDA and the FDA to meet standard compliance. We are a SQF Level II facility and submit to rigorous annual inspections. Your safety, and the safety of your customers, is a top priority here at Honeyville Food Products.

Food Product Formulation and Design Services


Our in-house lab has the capabilities to formulate custom food mixes for just about any market in the food industry. Our formulator can help you to create a product that you'll be proud to take to market. We can help you through the process or custom formulate based on your needs. Honeyville can take you from idea, to prototype, to full scale retail market release in a flash. Our designers can create custom labels and packaging for your new mix that will really showcase the positive attributes that lie within.

Dry Food Blending

dry food blending at honeyville

Got a custom food mix that you want to add to your product line? Our industrial batch food blending and food packaging plant can take your dream from idea to finished product ready for shipment. Our formulation lab can put together just the food blend you're looking for. Our custom mix plant can blend your creation (from small pilot batches to large scale production runs) to a uniform blend. We can package your idea in any number of package types from film to cartons and beyond. We can warehouse and drop-ship or palletize and deliver to your preferred distribution channel. With Honeyville Food Products, the sky really is the limit.

Honeyville does custom blending for a wide range of clients across several different markets. Our clients in the beverage industry benefit from our consistent quality and years of experience in dry and custom formulated beverage blends. Example products in this industry would include hot cocoas, fruit smoothie mixes, various sweetened coffee beverages, and specialty ethnic beverage blends. Honeyville also works with many customers in the snack food industry, blending snack mixes, like granola, trail mix, and camping mixes. We produce a wide variety of finished bakery mixes in a wide variety of formats from traditional cake mixes to "Just Add Water" mixes for extreme ease of use and convenience. Our blending line pumps out our retail line of Gourmet Muffin Mixes, Premium Pancake Mixes, and Delicious Brownie Mixes. We have all of the equipment and the know-how to make full scale production runs. How can we make your idea a reality?

Product Packaging for Retail Sale

food packaging at honeyville

Honeyville Food Products can custom pack your food products in sizes ranging from 20 grams all the way up to 110 pound bags. Our custom food packaging plant in Southern California utilizes the latest technology to present your product in multi-walled bags, mylar film, poly film, plain bags, printed bags, Stabilo-pack, Stand up rigid bags, pillow pack, flat-bottom bags, zipper top bags and so many more. We can small pack your product in your own pre-made bag or order film for large scale, efficient production runs. The choice is yours, but the result is always the same...dazzling. We have plenty of experience in packaging for grocery and warehouse stores, with tray and case packaging available. Our in-house Quality Assurance lab tests for quality and consistency along the way and bar-coding and labeling is a snap. Honeyville Food Products offers professional grade products for industry and ready-to-market retail applications. We can take your plan from ingredient to shelf ready packaged food in no time. Are you ready to take the first step?

Warehousing and Global Logistics

warehousing at honeyville

Our location in Southern California, and our subsequent proximity to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, allows us to ship quickly to anywhere in the United States and abroad. Our dedicated fleet of trucks delivers our product throughout the greater Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties for our local customers. Customers across the country receive their product quickly via UPS and LTL shipments. Our International Customers receive product by container, UPS, and Air Freight. We offer limited warehousing for finished goods and raw materials. Honeyville Food Products truly is a full service business in the Ingredient and Prepared Food Industries.